Magnifikt – välj vilket eller vilka superlativ som helst, bättre än
så här blir det inte!

*= Minirecensioner

Tommys Recensioner

Rogers Recensioner

King of the Kill (1994)

Cooper Alice
Billion Dollar Babies (1973)

Welcome to my Nightmare (1975)

Deep Purple
The House of Blue Light (1987)

Dimmu Borgir
In Sorte Diaboli (2007)

Dylan, Bob
Time out of Mind (1997)

Mellencamp, John
*Uh-huh (1983)

...and Justice for All (1988)

Moore, Gary
Still Got the Blues (1990)

Whispers (2008)

Sacred Reich
The American Way (1990)

Sins of thy Beloved, the
Lake of Sorrow (1998)

Reign in Blood (1986)

*Widow's Weeds (1998)

Thörnqvist, Owe
Boogieman (2009)

Vreeswijk, Cornelis
Till Sist (2000)

Babylon (2009)

Alexander, Arthur
Lonely Just Like Me: The Final Chapter (2007)

Bruntnell, Peter
Peter And The Murder Of Crows (2008)

Cash, Johnny
American VI: Ain't No Grave (2010)

Doucet, Luke
Broken (2005)

Edwards, Kathleen
Asking For Flowers (2008)

Hall, Michael
The Song He Was Listening To When He Died (2006)

Hawley, Richard
Truelove's Gutter (2009)

Kamp, Ted Russell
Poor Man's Paradise (2009)

Kempner, Scott
Saving Grace (2008)

LaVette, Bettye
The Scene Of The Crime (2007)

Leigh, Danni
Masquerade Of A Fool (2007)

Magness, Janiva
Do I Move You (2006)
What Love Will Do (2008)

Mayes, Romi
Sweet Somethin' Steady (2006)

McClinton, Delbert
Acquired Taste (2009)

Power, Cat
Jukebox (2008)

Rose, Eileen
At Our Tables (2008)

Ruffner, Mason
Mason Ruffner/Gypsy Blood (2009)

Rutledge, Justin
The Devil on a Bench in Stanley Park (2006)
Man Descending (2008)
The Early Widows (2010)

Sexsmith, Ron
Long Player Late Bloomer (2011)

Thorn, Paul
Pimps And Preachers (2010)

Williams, Lucinda
West (2007)