Utmärkt – innehåller osedvanligt stora och goda kvalitéer
samtidigt som brister i princip saknas, verkligen något
utöver det vanliga.

*= Minirecensioner

Tommys Recensioner

Rogers Recensioner

Cooper Alice
From the Inside (1978)

*Killer (1971)
*Trash (1989)

Etheridge, Melissa
The Awakening (2007)

*Peter Criss (1978)

Master of Puppets (1986)

Nisses Stuga
Nisses Stuga (1987)

Sixx AM
The Heroin Diaries: The Soundtrack (2007)

Symphony X
Paradise Lost (2007)

Totta & Wiehe
Dylan (2006)

Vreeswijk, Cornelis
*I Stället för Vykort (1973)

Wiehe, Mikael
Sånger Från En Inställd Skilsmässa (2009)

Winnerbäck, Lars
Med Solen i Ögonen (1998)
Vatten Under Broarna (2004)

ZZ Top
*Tejas (1977)

Albert & Gage
Dakota Lullaby (2009)

Anderson, Kasey
Nowhere Nights (2010)
*Heart Of A Dog (2011)

Band Of Heathens, The
Top Hat Crown & The Clapmaster's Son (2011)

Borges, Sarah
Diamonds In The Dark (2007)

Boxall, Ange
Writing Letters (2010)

Broussard, Marc
S.O.S.: Save Our Soul (2007)

Burke, Solomon
Nothing's Impossible (2010)

Casal, Neal
Roots & Wings (2009)

Cattaneo, Susan
Brave And Wild (2009)

Cohen, Leonard
Live In London (2009)

Crowell, Rodney
Sex & Gasoline (2008)

Cyrus, Miley
The Time Of Our Lives (2009)

Deadstring Brothers
*Sao Paulo (2009)

Doe, John
A Year In The Wilderness (2007)

Dowd, Johnny
Cruel Words (2006)
A Drunkard's Masterpiece (2008)

Earle, Justin Townes
Midnight At The Movies (2009)
Harlem River Blues (2010)

Finlin, Jeff
The Tao Of Motor Oil (2010)

Gilmore, Thea
Liejacker (2008)

Greene, Jackie
Till The Light Comes (2010)

Hiatt, John
Same Old Man (2008)

Hoge, Will
The Wreckage (2009)

Jason & The Scorchers
Halcyon Times (2010)

The High Road (2006)

Karlzen, Mary
The Wanderlust Diares (2006)

Kevans, Will
Everything You Do (2010)

Lynne, Shelby
Just A Little Lovin' (2008)

Mann, Aimee
@#%&*! Smilers (2008)

Mark, Carolyn
Nothing Is Free (2007)

Marshall, Bex
Kitchen Table (2008)

McCue, Anne
Koala Motel (2006)

McCulley, Rich
Starting All Over Again (2010)

McEvoy, Eleanor
Love Must Be Tough (2008)

Merritt, Tift
Another Country (2008)

Olstead, Renee
Skylark (2009)

Parker, Ian
Where I Belong (2007)

Prophet, Chuck
Let Freedom Ring (2009)

Robin, Janet
Everything Has Changed (2010)

Rose, Eileen
Shine like it does (2000)

Roy, JW

Kitchen Table Blues (2004)

Snider, Todd
The Excitement Plan (2009)

Stark, R.G.
Not Crazy Tonight (2007)

Sweeney, Sunny
Heartbreaker's Hall Of Fame (2006)

Thompson, Rob
Dust (2010)

Thorn, Paul
A Long Way From Tupelo (2008)

Two Tons Of Steel
Not That Lucky (2009)

Williams, Holly
Here With Me (2009)

Wright, Chely
Lifted Off The Ground (2010)